Custom Shape Magnets! Business Card Magnets!

Custom magnets are a great way to promote your business. Every time a prospect customer opens their fridge, they'll see your logo and contact information. With the average fridge being viewed about 23.4 times a day, that's a lot of advertisement!

We pride ourselves on long lasting, screen printed durable magnets. they'll stick long, and look great for the entire life of the magnet. Quality products and quality service are our main goals when it comes to our work. If you aren't happy, our job isnít done.

Make a lasting impact long after personal contact has been made with prospective and current customers. Personalized with your services and your contact ingormation, magnets are proven marketing tools for keeping your message in front of your clients. With brilliant printing and a laminated finish, this is product that keeps selling when others have been tossed away and forgotten.